November 2013 – World Diabetes Day

I posted this on my personal Facebook page for World Diabetes Day on November 14, 2013.

It seemed to stir quite a bit of emotion amongst my family and friends so I thought I would post it here also.

I consider myself a very strong person – strong mind, strong will, strong heart.. I have been through a LOT in my lifetime but by far the hardest thing I have ever had to deal with is Eden’s Type 1 Diabetes.

This disease NEVER rests, it is always on my mind and is a heavy burden EVERY single day.. An emotional, physical, mental and financial burden.. This disease has so many misconceptions and it gets tiring. Eden LOOKS completely normal but no one sees the messed up calloused finger tips from pricking her fingers to test her blood sugar up to 15 times a day. No one sees the gigantic needle I have to insert into her every 2-3 days to attach her insulin pump that she wears to keep her alive 24 hrs a day. No one sees the terrible scarring it causes that breaks my heart every time I see it on her poor beautiful body. No one sees the light come on in the middle of the night as I stumble into her room to check her blood sugar EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. No one sees me silently hold my breath every morning when I go to wake her up – hoping and praying that she is still breathing. No one sees what goes through my mind every time she sits down to eat and I have to quickly calculate how many carbs she is putting into her mouth. No one sees the full cupboard of medical supplies we have on hand to keep her alive, every single day..

YES I am a strong person – but Eden is STRONGER.. She will need to deal with this relentless disease the rest of her life or until there is a CURE.

In honor of World Diabetes Day – please take the time to learn something about Type 1 Diabetes.

my father in law was so moved he also made the following video:


3 thoughts on “November 2013 – World Diabetes Day

  1. So, so moving. Keep spreading awareness. Eden you are incredible and Heather you are an inspriration. You are a wonderful family xoxo

  2. Heathaaaaaa!!!… you are ridiculously AMAZING! You don’t have to try because it’s just who you are. Eden is so very blessed to have you…as her mother and teacher of life…what you don’t know, you find out and what you don’t know how to do, you learn and master. If I could swap places with you for a day to give you a day off, I would. Since I can’t, please accept my long distance hug from Florida and know that you ALL are in my thoughts always!!! Keep taking one day at a time…I love you and miss you bunches!!! LOVE the blog! 🙂

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