To Tell or not To Tell

I wrote on the Eden’s Effort FB page this week about birthday parties. When it comes to birthday parties at this point in time, Eden and I are a package deal. If she goes, I go. Simple as that.

But, I’ve had this internal tug-of-war going on for a while now.

To Tell or not To Tell ??

Do I openly tell the parent (whom I may not know AT ALL) about Eden’s Type 1 Diabetes or just stay put, hang out and do what needs to be done? I know it is probably a perfect opportunity to Spread T1D Awareness, but is it the place and time? I know when I have hosted birthday parties in the past I have been just a little “frazzled” – do I really need to increase the poor mothers (or fathers) anxiety? Or will they even be too frazzled to actually HEAR and understand what I am saying?? Is it their business? Eden doesn’t necessarily need the entire world to know she has T1D – oops – and here I am posting it ALL OVER the internet! 🙂

When is the time when SHE gets to make the call of – To Tell or not To Tell?

It’s a dilemma I have faced often – and one I seem to handle differently dependent upon my mood. Sometimes I honestly CANNOT be bothered to say the same things over and over and over again. It is exhausting.

The same goes for basketball coaches… Exercise and T1D are a tough balancing act sometimes.. Over the past few years she has had MULTIPLE basketball coaches – sometimes a different one every 6 weeks as the seasons and teams change. Do the coaches NEED to know – well YES, they most certainly should. I am ALWAYS there and will never hold the coach responsible for her T1D care, but they are closer on the court to her than I am. THEY should be able to spot a problem before me if they know what to look for. I do not and will not let Eden use T1D as an excuse but quite honestly, she WILL perform differently dependent upon her blood sugar level. TRUE FACT. And then there is the option of the scary “low” and possibility of passing out. Eden is VERY stubborn and even if I signal to her that she needs to stop and test her blood sugar, she will not do it unless the rest of the team is taking a break. Recipe for disaster, maybe? Tough and hard lesson to learn, possibly?

Birthday party fun tonight – If you were the hosting parent or coach – would YOU want to know?


4 thoughts on “To Tell or not To Tell

  1. Luckily my daughter is still at an age where it is “OK” for mom or dad to stay with her at a birthday party. I have seen several parents stay at parties with their kids. Not looking forward to the time when she doesn’t want me there anymore!

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