Yes, she CAN eat that !

Many people think that with Eden being a diabetic she cannot eat things with sugar. We have endured MANY a comment from well meaning people – ” Oh, is Eden able to eat that?”

YES, she CAN eat that!

Type 1 Diabetes or not, we try to have our family limit junk and sugar latent foods. But, she CAN eat anything, she just needs to have insulin to cover the carbs she is consuming.

I’m sure there are many a Type 1 adult and possibly child that does follow a low carb, restrictive diet. But Eden is a child, we believe she needs to get nutrients from all food groups because she is still growing! (a lot) Type 1 Diabetes is hard enough and she gets singled out enough as being different without even putting food in the mix.

Thank goodness we do NOT have to deal with celiac disease which she is unfortunately more prone to get.. That would make things 10 times harder than they already are. So far, we have dodged that bullet. phew!

SO – If you know a Type 1 Diabetic – PLEASE don’t give them that sad or disapproving look if you see them eating something with sugar in it.


YES, she CAN eat that!


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