NEVER leave home without it …

This is a picture of Eden’s medical kit and it’s contents.


This little backpack goes EVERYWHERE with Eden – to the park, a quick trip to the grocery store, to school, to basketball, to the movies. You name it – EVERYWHERE..

There have been times when she has accidentally left it at home, some of the contents at home or left it at a MOVIE Theater and hasn’t realized until we were home. Mad PANIC and rush back to retrieve it.

Thankfully we have never been caught without it when we really truly needed it. After a couple of those brain fog times I now at least keep an extra blood sugar meter in my purse as a backup in case she does it again. I also have a stash of snacks, juice and different forms of sugar stashed in my purse and car – just in case – you can never be over prepared!

ALL of these items are needed to help keep Eden ALIVE.

Kit contents:

Blood Glucose Meter – this is the device she uses multiple times a day to check her BS level

Blood Ketone Meter – she uses this if her blood sugar level is above 300 – 2 readings in a row, or an unexplained high reading. Ketones in the blood are a BAD thing and lead to DKA (see here for explanation)


Multiple forms of fast acting sugar in the event of a low blood sugar episode – Juice, glucose tabs, glucose power, jelly fruit pieces and cake gel. Yup – cake gel. This would be used in the event that her blood sugar is so LOW that she is barely conscious or able to swallow. Also, snacks to assist in raising blood sugar


Syringes – in case the pump malfunctions or we are in question that her site is working properly so we can give insulin manually.

Extra batteries – the insulin pump and other meters rely on batteries to work. A low battery alarm on the pump needs to be addressed ASAP to continue the delivery of insulin.

Pennies – to open the battery compartment on her pump

Extra lancets – the little needles that are housed in her lancing device that prick her skin to get a blood sugar reading

Extra test strips – for testing blood sugar in the Blood Glucose Meter.  (we use a LOT of these)

Glucagon Emergency Kit – to be used in an emergency low blood sugar episode when UNCONSCIOUS – small doses can also be used if she is sick and cannot keep food down.


Medical tape and infusion dressings to assist in keeping her pump infusion site attached to her skin.

Alcohol swabs for cleaning her skin for a pump site change or finger tips if there is no where available to wash her hands.

Extra pump supplies – infusion sets which insert into her skin and insulin reservoirs and tubing which hold the insulin.


Calorie King book – many restaurant and other foods have carbohydrate counts listed to assist in our guesswork and dosage of correct insulin amounts.

There a few  – “just in case” items in this Medical Kit.

ALL of the other items are used on a regular basis – to KEEP HER ALIVE.


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