A Day in the Life…

The following is the past 24 hours in the life of Type 1 Diabetes for Eden and our family. This is a TYPICAL Sunday when Eden has basketball. She had 2 games in the morning – a period of rest and normal activity and then intense 2.5 hour practice in the evening.

Total number of finger pricks for testing blood sugar = 17


TIME BS # Comments / Action required
7.05am 193 great number to wake up with! give LESS insulin for breakfast due to upcoming exercise
8.34am 274 mid – game 1
9.09am 386 after game 1 – give HALF a correction dose of insulin
9.47am 327 before game 2 – still active IOB
11.01.am 310 after game 2 – give HALF a correction dose and give LESS insulin for food due to exercise
2.26pm 161 YAY! Must have done some great guessing!
4.40pm 145 YAY! Before early dinner and basketball practice – Give LESS insulin for meal due to exercise
5.58pm 168 30 mins into practice
6.44pm 186 Over an hour into practice
8.09pm 396 Yikes! After practice – make sense? NO – must be adrenaline kicking in – give HALF a correction dose of insulin
9.49pm 252 Before bed – NO correction dose given just in case
12.09am 157 YAY! – she came down a LOT with no insulin
3.32am 88 Oh Boy, here we go… delayed dropping BS from all the exercise – wake Eden and feed sugar
3.52am 84 BS not rising – wake Eden feed more sugar
4.17am 73 CRAP – BS STILL going down after lots of sugar – wake Eden and feed MORE sugar and set a temp basal on her pump to lower the amount of insulin she is getting
4.42am 122 PHEW! it worked
7.33am 169 YAY! GREAT morning BS number!

Am I exhausted? YUP Sure am…

Would I do it every day if I needed to? YUP Sure would…

Because it keeps my child ALIVE – every.single.day.


6 thoughts on “A Day in the Life…

  1. I knew you guys went through a lot. I mean, overall I had a general idea. But putting it down in writing like that is very enlightening. You are an amazing mum Heather. I feel so blessed that you and MIke chose each other and because of that I get to call you family. I couldn’t have chosen a better wife for my brother or a better mum for my nieces. But I want to remind you of one thing. PLEASE take some time out—somewhere–for yourself. You have got to recharge your batteries so you can keep doing what you’re doing. I love you sister.

    • thanks… xxoo

      I do get plenty of down time during the day when the house is quiet and empty 🙂
      Writing this Blog has been an amazing outlet for me – I hope it helps people gain an insight into the depths and potential seriousness we deal with daily.

  2. Holy smokes I got tired just reading that!
    I am grandma to a 11 yr old t1d that I am raising. You know how they saw old ppl need less sleep? I’m here to tell you its not true!! Haha!
    Good job mom!

  3. Hi Heather,
    Life is hard, living with a child with diabetes , but at times you do need to let them take control and chile out. Our 9 year old had her first ever sleep over at her only girl friends house. I was busy with Tara that day. Never seen my husband that stressed in his life. But she had the best time ever managing her diabetes without mum around. Levels were fanatics and was busy all day . Ring or talk any time. Love Kerrie life is a Bitch at times.

    • Hi Kerrie!
      I agree – Eden is taking on more and more responsibility every day.. certainly not ready for sleepovers yet though! 😉
      I know D-moms and dads totally get what I am writing about – trying to give the non-D people a little perspective…
      NOT ALL days are bad – we have PLENTY of good ones sprinkled in there too.. We don’t dwell on things and just get on with what needs to be done. D does NOT hold us hostage!

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