Hurting your Child..

How many of you intentionally HURT your child on a regular basis?

We do…  not that we WANT to hurt her, but changing the infusion site for her insulin pump every 2-3 days HURTS..

In the early days, when she first got her pump – she would cry real tears and SCREAM out in pain. Her whole body would be tense making the pain worse – she is able to relax a little more during the process now. In those early days we thought we had made a HUGE mistake and wanted to throw the pump in the garbage. It was heart wrenching…

Over time she has gotten MUCH better at accepting it and she usually says “marshmallows and butterflies” as I am thrusting the big needle into her stomach or back.

She rarely complains anymore (well depends on her mood!) as she knows it is a necessary evil. It certainly doesn’t mean she comes running when I tell her it is time to change her site.

At the moment ONLY myself and my husband perform and know how to perform her pump site changes. At some point soon she is going to NEED to be able to do it herself – I can’t imagine the anxiety she will feel the first time she attempts it.

For now – we will continue to do it – because we do what HAS TO BE DONE – to keep her alive.


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