Type 1 Diabetes does NOT hold us back.

Eden is an easy going, happy go lucky, spirited child. Beautiful inside and out almost always with a smile on her face.. She is fit, healthy and thriving – even with Type 1 Diabetes.

She will be able to live a long, happy and healthy life WITH Type 1 Diabetes. Eden just needs to learn to RESPECT the disease and learn to take on the daily roller coaster ride of responsibility that IS T1D.

We, her parents are helping her to learn how to do that – it is a slow process and one we are doing the best we know how. SHE is not ready for full responsibility yet – I’m sure she will let us know when she is.. Until then, we will continue on the road we are on, teaching and learning together along the way.

Type 1 Diabetes does NOT hold us back from doing the things we want to do with our life – I am just sharing the journey..


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