When they decide to Rebel…

So the beginning of my Blog journey (see here) started out of desperation and exasperation due to Eden’s seemingly uncontrollable high blood sugar levels.

What I did not delve into in my previous post was that we FOUND out the culprit of the high BS – and the culprit was EDEN.

Yup – the T1D disease holder herself…

Little did we know – Eden was sneaking food and candy. It started right after Halloween – coincidence ? absolutely NOT.

Eden got to go trick or treating just like any other kid but we put a limit on the amount she could consume ( I believe like any good parent should). We doled out a few pieces at a time and stashed away the rest.

Well…. little did we know – she FOUND the stash and was helping herself to not just a few pieces of candy – but HANDFULS at a time as well as other snacks. Trying to dose herself the needed insulin or not bothering at all as she was gorging herself.

In the midst of it her BS numbers were ALL over the place, particularly during the night (clearly NOW – they were highest when she ate the candy at bedtime) meaning I was getting little or no sleep every night.

Her high BS numbers were carrying over into other aspects of our lives. I was tired and grumpy and Eden herself had a TERRIBLE attitude and mood swings and was getting in trouble at school (NEVER happened before). I was extremely worried as it seemed like we were in a fast downward spiral.

My first thought was it was her pre-teen hormones and rebelliousness kicking in until I found the stash of empty wrappers hidden in her bedroom…!

Once I found them it was obvious. I was EXTREMELY thankful that I found them when I did as I was about to make changes to her pump and increase the levels of insulin she was going to be receiving during the night. This change could have had tragic consequences as she didn’t actually NEED the extra insulin.

Confronting Eden – trying not to yell and scream at her how STUPID and careless it was and what she was doing to her body – was difficult. She does not open up easily and a lot of “I don’t know” and shrugging of shoulders occurred. In the end I wrote her a letter and asked her to respond and that opened up the lines of communication for a real discussion.

It turns out that after 3 years Halloween was a breaking point for her – she felt left out and “different” to everyone else and this was essentially her way of saying I HATE YOU Diabetes – you SUCK and I will do what I want! As well as saying that to US – because we were constantly on her back about D-things and regular things like cleaning her room and declining attitude.

We backed off – gave her some space and tried to be understanding of the feelings she was having. T1D is a hard disease to live with and she is going to experience these feelings many, many times over the years… ESPECIALLY as she moves through her teenage years!

I hope we are giving her the foundation to be able to stand up to those feelings and do what needs to be done to live a long happy life.


5 thoughts on “When they decide to Rebel…

  1. Tell Eden from her Great? Grand uncle whom she has never met That I constantly pray for her and maybe next year as she goes out on Halloween she might consider giving out info packets for Diabetes for both adults and kids and in that way she could be part of the traipsing around but in giving out this info she could help others who have no idea how damaging Diabetes is and only accept sugar free treats.

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