Will Lightening Strike Twice ?

Doctors and researchers don’t KNOW the exact cause of Type 1 Diabetes.

Environmental trigger and/or Genetic predisposition?

There is NO HISTORY of T1D in my or my husbands family – maybe our combined gene pool was the perfect storm for creating the T1D monster?

Unfortunate FACT – T1D does run in families…

What does this mean? Eden’s older sister Ally has an increased risk (I believe it to be a 1 in 10 chance) of developing T1D. There is a test she can have to see if she is carrying the gene – but does not want the blood test. Can I blame her? Not really…. If she carries it then she will carry that worry with her everywhere..

As it is if she EVER complains of being thirsty or super tired I seem to somehow always shoot her the concerned “oh, no!” look without even knowing I am doing it… and it ALWAYS gets the same response – “MUM! I’m FINE…”

Doesn’t mean I won’t always worry – because lightening can and very well might strike twice.


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