The Burden of Knowledge…

Does Eden know about this Blog?

yes she does.

Has she seen it and read some of my posts?

yes she has.

Do I want her to see it regularly and read what I have to say?


Why, you might ask?

Technically this is Eden’s disease, NOT mine. As she is still a child, WE do all of the worrying for her and much of her management. Yes, she knows the dangers of high and low blood sugars and some of the complications that may come later in life. But she does NOT deal with or worry about the “what-ifs” nor does she need to know how hard and stressful caring for her can be. She still needs to be a carefree kid! She does not need the burden of knowledge of my true feelings for this relentless disease that could in ANY way make her feel guilty.

Every day we fight the battle together, we learn together and try to keep her safe and healthy. I write these posts to help share with others how hard a daily battle it can sometimes be and to help EDUCATE.

NOT ALL days are bad or hard – some are harder than others and such is life.

Type 1 Diabetes or not – being a parent can be hard!


2 thoughts on “The Burden of Knowledge…

  1. Stella reads my blog. She has it bookmarked on her kindle. She has asked questions, and it has started conversations. She may not like all of them (like today’s), but I think that my love for her, and how proud I am of her, and how in awe I am of her comes through.

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