Living with T1D is EXPENSIVE…..

I’ve said before that T1D is a financial burden – meaning that managing T1D and basically keeping Eden alive is a VERY EXPENSIVE thing..

The last few years we have met the deductible for our health insurance plan EVERY year within 6 months. Last year Eden had to have her own plan due to her “pre-exising” condition and of course that skyrocketed our monthly payment.

We have had high deductible insurance so that means we have had to pay everything out-of-pocket first. Within 6 months we met this high $$ JUST for her monthly supplies and regular blood work and doctor visits. That of course does not include the monthly costs for the privilege of health insurance….

I KNOW there are many people out there against the Obama Care plan and I DO NOT want to start a political debate, but this is going to have a HUGE IMPACT on the affordability of this disease for our family and I am sure many others.

Our entire family can now ALL be on the same health insurance plan and only pay ONE high deductible instead of two, lessening the financial burden on top of the other stressors this disease brings..

Instead of having to pay

$330 for a month supply of test strips

$300 for a month supply of insulin

$200 for a month supply of pump supplies

plus lancets, ketone testing strips, emergency Glucagon and her thyroid medication JUST TO KEEP HER ALIVE

We will now pay $19 for most prescriptions and $50 for her insulin per refill.

Don’t get me wrong – we still need to FIGHT the health insurance company for the quantities we need.. But hopefully this year a little bit of the $$ burden will be relieved….

and of course it goes without saying I would choose life saving medication or a CURE over $$$ ANYDAY..


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