Am I a Worry Wart ..?

Do I worry a lot ? Yes, Yes I do…

Should I worry as much as I do? Probably not…

D-parents probably worry more than your average parent, but give me a mother who DOES NOT worry about their child….

Our worries are REAL and the reasons are THERE…

The other day I read another story online about a child who just DIED from complications with Type 1 Diabetes.. I read these heartbreaking stories all too often and we live with this fear EVERY SINGLE DAY.

It is not always in the forefront of our thoughts, but it is ALWAYS there..

D-families have to walk a tightrope every single day managing this disease that NEVER takes a break… You just NEVER know what the day is going to throw at you and it is a REALITY that our child could die from this disease.

Yup – we could ALL be hit by a bus tomorrow and die and we shouldn’t live our lives in fear. I completely agree..

The trick is having to manage, treat and get on with life without it overtaking your thoughts.. Believe me there have been days that T1D has been ALL CONSUMING and I know there will be many more…


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