Super Bowl and Snacking…

For those of you in the USA you are well aware that tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday !

Tomorrow will pose a few challenges for Eden and other Type 1 Diabetics – nothing we haven’t come across before – but still a challenge just the same.

What does a Super Bowl party or any other party include?

FOOD – and lots of it.. Usually left out all around the house with various bowls of chips/dips etc for people to enjoy and snack upon throughout the day.

WELL – this type of snacking is TERRIBLE for trying to keep Eden’s blood sugar levels in check.

I’m sure most of you non-D people wouldn’t even think twice about walking past a table and taking a chip and a scoop of dip.. NOT US.. We have to think about EVERY LITTLE THING that Eden puts in her mouth – because it ALL makes a difference to her blood sugar levels and the amount of insulin she needs..

This can be incredibly tricky..

To get an accurate blood sugar reading there really needs to have been at least 2 HOURS between meals with no active IOB (insulin on board).. Pair that with the fact she is going to want to grab a chip here or a carrot there and it makes it EXTREMELY difficult to manage..

We usually prefer Eden to grab a plate and fill it up so we can GUESSTIMATE the number of carbs she is ingesting but it is not always that easy.. How do you actually KNOW what might be in a homemade dip without knowing exactly what is IN it? And for chips and crackers – well I have to admit there have been many a time where I have dug through the garbage can looking for the packaging and the nutrition label.

We want Eden to feel as normal as possible but the worry of carbs and blood sugar levels and chasing a HIGH for many hours afterwards during the night are not too appealing to me. Apart from the fact that it is damaging to her HEALTH.

She will ALWAYS continue to sneak a chip here and a chip there no matter HOW many times we tell her not to… Everyone else is doing it – so she wants to too!

We have yet to find the perfect solution for this dilemma.. I would be very interested to hear from other D parents about how THEY are going to be handling the fun tomorrow!


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