Technology Doesn’t Like Me…

Technology infiltrates pretty much EVERY aspect of our lives these days. We have cell phones, computers, smart televisions and of course the Insulin Pump.

Eden’s Insulin Pump is a very smart, expensive piece of technology that we trust to keep her ALIVE

Part of the wonderful benefit of having an electronic device is the fact that it stores data. The pump stores all of Eden’s blood sugar numbers, every dose for a meal and correction for a high blood sugar as well as her carb ratios and other settings for correct dosages.

During Eden’s quarterly doctors visits these numbers get downloaded, graphed and analyzed by her doctor so we can make any necessary changes together.

I have just spent about 2 hours of VERY frustrating time this morning trying to download that pertinent information on my computer so that I can analyze it and LOOK for trends to make changes we feel might be necessary to bring her BS numbers into range.

Eden’s blood sugar has decided to behave erratically once again – no rhyme – no reason.. She has spent the majority of the last 4-5 days in the 200 -300’s.. Giving her a correction dose of insulin SHOULD bring her into range but it is doing nothing and she seems to be hovering in the 200’s no matter what we do.

Is she getting sick?

Is she going through another growth spurt?

Do we need to change her insulin settings?

Does she have a bad pump site?

Is she sneaking food AGAIN?

WHO KNOWS – your guess is as good as mine..

Unfortunately technology does NOT like me or want to cooperate today and we are not going to be able to analyze anything…

Guess we will have to make blind changes and hope for the best… fingers crossed!


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