The Blame Game…

Some days I struggle MUCH MORE with the up and down roller coaster blood sugar numbers.. I almost feel the NEED to blame someone or something.. In the middle of the night last night dragging myself across the house out of my nice warm bed to test Eden was one of those times..

Unfortunately blaming Eden, which I have done in the past can be a dangerous thing.

We had the Super Bowl party yesterday afternoon into evening.. Eden actually did VERY well and I didn’t see her picking at the food that was left out and around. She did have pizza which can affect her blood sugar numbers but they maintained pretty steady (even though they have been VERY erratic lately) so I was extremely happy.

Going to bed @ 8.30pm she was 186 which is a VERY GOOD number for her, especially lately and after a party to boot! It was still on the higher end of normal so I asked her to “correct” before she went to bed.

When I tested her at 11.30pm she was 303 ?!?! What the Heck ?!

I actually stumbled back into the dark kitchen to get another test strip, cleaned her finger and re-tested because I could NOT believe she had risen that much in 3 hours. She re-tested at 295. Not over 300, but still WAY too high.

Could it possibly be the PIZZA still digesting hours and hours later? I guess so but we would normally see a high number at bedtime if that was the case.. I checked her pump and her last bolus (dose of insulin) was at 6.53pm. Right before we left the party.

She DID NOT give herself the correction at 8.30pm like she was supposed to.

Did she sneak food and eat it after bed again?

Would that small correction really have made a difference if her blood sugar was on the rise? probably not…

I didn’t really know – but I WANTED to find SOMETHING to blame! Surely there has to be a REASON!

I had to tread very carefully this morning because I felt myself wanting to blame Eden. She has NOT been terribly responsible lately doing what she needs to do. I don’t WANT to have to hover over her every single move, she needs to LEARN to do this on her own, and it is VERY typical of T1D to have BS numbers that jump around – it is the nature of the beast. But I KNOW she is pushing back and fighting that beast. Blaming her is NOT the answer and I KNOW that, but how do I hold her accountable without placing “blame” ?? That’s a tough one…

This morning upon waking she was a PERFECT 162..


Gotta love that! It’s a great start to the week …


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