The Lesson I Have Learned.…

I created this Blog as a learning tool to help spread awareness for T1D.. But I am also learning – constantly –  and not just about T1D either!

Thankfully I am not a complete perfectionist or control freak.. Once upon a time, before kids maybe, but I think I let things slide a LOT more now. Sometimes probably a little too much with the housework although I’m sure the kids would think otherwise.

I AM very much a planner and list maker… I tend to over think and analyze everything – even trivial events and conversations – in my mind over and over. I DO NOT like surprises and never really have. I like to know what is happening and what is around the corner at any given moment. I live by my calendar and refer to it multiple times a day to make sure all is on the right track.

Did I get a wake up call when Type 1 Diabetes entered our household!!

For someone like me – this disease is HARD.. Maybe that’s one of the reasons I struggle with it so much at times because it has NO RHYME or REASON and you cannot follow a plan.

T1Diabetes has a strong mind of it’s own, doesn’t play by the rules and constantly leaves you wondering. What works one day will most likely not work the next and it is a constant guessing game that we play 24 hours a day.

I have learned a LOT about myself over the past few years dealing with this disease. Maybe the reason it entered our family was for ME? To teach ME something? If that is the case – I sure wish it was ME that got T1D and not my precious daughter.

I will probably NEVER be as laid back and carefree as Eden – it is just not in my nature but I am slowly but surely becoming that way..

Somedays you just need to roll with the punches or lose your sanity.

What have I learned recently?

Eden is a rockstar at this and I still have a long way to go…


2 thoughts on “The Lesson I Have Learned.…

  1. You just described me. I am such a planner and like things to be consistent. This disease has turned my world upside down. If I follow the rules and do what I am supposed to do then my child should be fine, but I am slowly learning that may not always be the case. My daugther is kicking this diseases butt, me on the other hand, is slowly falling apart.

    • It is VERY hard at times, T1D does NOT follow any plan.. no matter what we do somedays we will feel as though we have failed..
      BUT – we CAN do this! We HAVE to… Our kids are amazing, strong, brave kids and they NEED US.

      Try to remember – it is just a number – do what needs to be done with it and move on… Some days this is MUCH easier said than done, I know.
      I’m in your corner – I get it.

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