The Club No one Wants to Join…

Type 1 Diabetes is a devastating, life changing diagnosis..

I am a member of a number of FB groups where parents and T1D’s themselves can go to vent, ask for first hand knowledge and advice and generally get support. These have been invaluable for me over the last few months – just even READING that other people are experiencing what you are is incredible.

Yesterday someone posted this video – (updated 2/7/14) SORRY – The video has since been removed from the internet by the owner 😦

It is AMAZING and somewhat surreal watching EXACTLY what you go through on the computer screen in front of you… Some days you can feel so alone with this disease because for the most part people just don’t “get it”..

I do not wish this disease on anyone – but I DO WISH that people could truly understand HOW devastating, serious and utterly life changing it is.

I have often wished that people outside the D-World could for ONE DAY go through what we go through on a daily basis. I think this movie is pretty darn close – even though you will never actually FEEL those things for your child – at least I hope you won’t….

Unfortunately, more children, teens, adults and parents are joining this Club – that no one wants to join on a DAILY basis. NEW diagnosis and NEW parents and kids that are trying to deal with all of the emotions of fear, guilt, anxiety and anger that go along with it..

We DO get used to a new normal over time, but the fear and anxiety over this disease never leaves us..  The picture of ease we sometimes paint or show on the outside is very often NOT what is on the inside or happening behind closed doors.

Watch this and you will get a small glimpse of what we go through


8 thoughts on “The Club No one Wants to Join…

  1. Wow Heather. Thanks for posting this. I am a mom to a 14 year old T1D daughter. She was dx at the age of 2. This film is so spot on that I cried like a baby while watching. I hate the fact that we all have to live with this daily but I am glad to know that we are not alone. Many blessings to you and your family.

    • Hi Kim…
      I have watched it twice now. Last night I think I just stared at it blankly in disbelief.. this morning – I too blubbered like a baby and thus my Blog post.. I REALLY hope that non-D people start to “get it” soon so that we can find a CURE…

      thanks for reading and please feel free to share – I think we NEED people to see this…

  2. I can only imagine this club is above unbearable, I hope these words give you hope or another perspective from the true club NO ONE WANTS TO JOIN either……. Thank God your children are able to live with this, that you have them to hug and hold and they are with you to love on…… Imagine they are no longer on this earth & praise that they are…..hugs to you all dear sweet brothers & sisters in Christ. I see it is anything easy, thank God for each one of you.

    • believe me – I would love to world to see it too!
      Apparently it was posted online illegally – oops – and the Owner had it removed.
      We purchased a copy yesterday from their website because Eden herself hadn’t seen it yet.
      I don’t know of any other way… unless you feel inclined to purchase?
      thank you for reading!

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