To Test or Not to Test ??

There is an ongoing debate or conversation I see often in the D World

To test during the night or not to test?

Upon diagnosis – New T1D go through what is called a “honeymoon period” when their pancreas may still be producing and firing out little spurts of insulin. This means that sometimes little or no insulin is required and we question whether the diagnosis is really accurate. (unfortunately it is)

In the beginning it is IMPERATIVE to test in the middle of the night so we know exactly how the body acts and reacts 24hrs a day. Without this constant monitoring and testing we do NOT know how much insulin is required.

We went through a period of time after the “honeymoon” was over when we did NOT do middle of the night testing EVERY single night. Once or twice a week was ample at that point in time to make sure that the dosages were accurate. At that point we had also taken a complete BREAK from basketball and none of the growth / pre-teen hormones had starting wreaking havoc.

Once blood sugar numbers started behaving erratically and Eden started being extremely active we felt the need to go back to nighttime testing. We still do not necessarily need to test 2-3 times during the night on a non-active day. But we will ALWAYS at least check once even if her BS number was in perfect range at bedtime, which more often than not lately is never…

All D families might not do the same thing – D doesn’t follow a certain rule book and is completely different for EVERYONE affected by it. We D-Moms and dads do what WE feel is right for our specific situation and in many cases it might be just out of complete and utter fear for what COULD happen if we did not check.

In my book – it is better to be safe than sorry..

I am willing to go without sleep to ensure that my child WAKES UP the next day.


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