Education is the Key…

I recently wrote this on the Eden’s Effort Facebook Page (which you can “like” here) but felt it was worthy of a Blog post..

I am going to say it again because I see and feel the frustration T1D families deal with constantly.. When people say these things to us it is just another stab in the heart – unless you are living it you truly have NO IDEA the impact of these words.

Type 1 Diabetes has NO CURE.

We cannot cure our children by not feeding them sugar

We cannot cure them with cinnamon or okra

We cannot cure them with more exercise

We cannot just give them “medicine” and sit back and relax

We DID NOT cause this for our children and neither did THEY

There will be NO CURE until the public is more AWARE and EDUCATED about what Type 1 Diabetes REALLY is..

AWARENESS and EDUCATION means doctors and researchers will get more funds to FIND A CURE.

Come on people – PLEASE help me spread awareness…

You might not only help in finding a cure – but save a LIFE too


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