T1D Sucks today….


Eden just got up for the day with her pump, site and tubing in HAND – not attached to her body.. My heart completely dropped to the pit of my stomach..

Blood Sugar = 393

Ketones = 0.6 – (phew ! – borderline small/medium level)

I have no idea how long she hasn’t been getting insulin.. I should be thankful – these numbers could be MUCH worse.

Quickly did a new site and gave her a correction dose of insulin to bring her blood sugar level back into range. When done she promptly turned around and stumbled back to bed.

2 finger pricks and an extra site change to start the day.

Poor kid 😦

Eden NEVER complains about all this crap she needs to go through.. I KNOW she doesn’t feel great, but she doesn’t say it… For now – I’m going to let her sleep – getting to school today just doesn’t seem important.

I wish I could FEEL what she is feeling and take this away from her – it really isn’t fair..

She is a tough kid with a heart of gold and today T1D sucks for her.


2 thoughts on “T1D Sucks today….

  1. Just your opinion needed Heather. Is the pump a good thing? Given this situation you described..does this happen often? My son is on MDI (9 months into dx) and wants no part of pumping. Stuff like this worries me. Our daily experiences with T1D are sometimes unbelievable unless you live it daily. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Nicole..

      I really think it is a personal thing – not everyone likes to be attached to a medical device 24/7/365.. Eden got her pump about 1 year after DX. It has really helped with a less strict eating schedule and a bit more flexibility – also with calculating dosages! BUT – I also think having the pump has left Eden a bit complacent. In her mind – pressing a button fixes everything. She is quick to make BS corrections without necessarily thinking them through first.. she has yet to WANT to learn to do her own site changes, etc.. As she can dose herself – she often forgets to bolus and is quick to eat anything in sight at not the best times.. I think if she needed a SHOT she would think twice about some of the choices she is making. I would like her to take a “pump holiday” soon to remind her.. Either way – it’s HARD.. and unfortunately I think she is going to have to have more days like today to realize how not being serious about her care has consequences. Today was NOT by any means her fault – but hopefully she will think about how she feels today when she needs to bolus next time…
      thanks for reading! and yes – unless you are living it – people will never truly understand how tough these kids are. xo

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