Fast Fact Friday…. Did you know ?

These were previously posted on the Eden’s Effort Facebook page – for those of you who follow us there you may have seen these already 🙂


Did you know that a hot shower, bath or hot tub affects insulin absorption?

Submerging the body in hot water causes the insulin in the system to absorb quicker increasing the likelihood of a low blood sugar episode.

We learned this the hard way..


Did you know that illness – even a simple stuffy nose affects blood sugar levels?

The common cold can easily raise blood sugar levels into the 300’s. Also, high blood sugar levels could be an indicator of oncoming illness.

An illness in a Non-D child can EASILY send a D child to the hospital.


Did you know that carbohydrates with high fat content digest differently and therefore affect Eden’s dosage of insulin?

Pizza in particular is a tough one to dose for and almost ALWAYS means we are chasing a high BS hours after consuming…

BUT – we eat it anyway


When Eden was first diagnosed “low” blood sugars would cause aggression and resistance. Once, we literally had to SIT on her whilst she was thrashing around to try and calm her down to give the sugar needed to bring up her BS. Scary and heartbreaking..

Cried many tears that day…

True Facts about the DLife we live.


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