We are Lucky ….

I wrote a quote the other day on Facebook..

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade..

We have lots of lemonade around here – just trying to dig up the lemon tree too…”

What I meant by that was – we have a good life, we make the most of what has been given to us – but that doesn’t mean I can’t fight for or want something better.. We make lemonade with our diabetes but a CURE would mean we would be digging up the tree that gave us the lemons… We accept the lemons but doesn’t mean we WANT them or will settle on being given them forever..


Sometimes I feel you all must think that I am a miserable grump who complains all the time..

Sure – I have my days when D-Life is all consuming, it totally sucks and I complain..  Most other days I am just stating the facts – EDUCATING about the life we live – every.single.day. 

I am not necessarily complaining – just being brutally honest about the life we are living. I KNOW that other people have it much worse than we do and WE ARE LUCKY. 

In an effort to learn more about T1D I read something everyday – I read about…

  • Teenagers who are struggling with depression from the relentless daily grind living with a chronic illness that never takes a break.
  • Children who need to be homeschooled because they DO NOT have support from their local schools. T1D kids MUST have special medical plans in place and if they are not followed it can be life-threatening for our kids.
  • Children who have multiple auto-immune diseases and medical conditions on TOP of Type 1 Diabetes making it that much harder
  • Children and teenagers who have been hospitalized and near death due to DKA or worse did not survive.
  • Young children with anxiety, AFRAID of dying in their sleep and parents who need to comfort them
  • T1D with split-housefold families or single parents who struggle with this disease on their own without the support of a significant other and the financial burdens it carries
  • Adults who now struggle with complications from many years with T1D
  • T1D people everywhere who are judged, discriminated against and mistreated because they have a disease named “diabetes”


♥ Eden is a HAPPY, carefree child – she doesn’t let T1D hold her back or scare her from doing anything..

♥ Eden has so far NOT had to be hospitalized since her diagnosis and was not in DKA – we have never had to see our child close to death.

♥ We have amazing support at Eden’s school and I have ALWAYS felt she is in a safe and secure environment.

♥ Eden has strong family support surrounding her and parents who would go to the ends of the Earth for her.

♥ Eden has never faced blatant discrimination from the disease she carries.

WE ARE LUCKYand I don’t ever want people reading this Blog to think otherwise.


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