KNOW the Symptoms….

As it is flu season I thought I would post about the importance of knowing the warning signs and symptoms of Type 1 Diabetes..

T1D is OFTEN misdiagnosed as the flu and people are sent home and become increasingly unwell very quickly. PLEASE learn these symptoms and burn them into your brain so you are aware and trust your instincts!  Especially you mothers out there – we know our children better than ANYONE. I thankfully knew the symptoms and what to fight for  – not all medical professionals will automatically to a blood glucose test – you may need to ASK for it..

Warning Signs

Type 1 Diabetes strikes OUT OF THE BLUE… In hindsight after diagnosis you may see the symptoms come on gradually, in our case they came on VERY quickly.

Type 1 Diabetes DOES NOT just strike children – although a diagnosis is more common in children – a diagnosis can occur at ANY AGE.

Teenagers are commonly thought to have anorexia or eating disorders because they lose weight so quickly and are vomiting.

When Eden was first diagnosed I posted the symptoms on Facebook – someone I know recognized the symptoms in their child and took them straight to the doctor, where unfortunately they too were diagnosed… another case caught early without their child being near death.

By knowing what to look for you could honestly save a life – maybe even your own..


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