Is Bribery our Answer ??

So we just came up with a new plan in the Perry House..

We are going to try bribery… I guess we should really call it a REWARD System or an Incentive Program – but really, who are we kidding?? We are trying to BRIBE Eden…

How many of us like to see results of hard work? When dieting – you lose weight. When saving $ – you see an increase in your bank account.

Feeling GREAT by maintaining in range blood sugar levels should be incentive enough for Eden but they are NOT. I think she is SO used to being out of range and feeling “murky” that she doesn’t realize how GREAT she could feel all the time. Right now she has NO motivation to take care of herself.

Someone posted a picture on FB of their son’s “magic” blood sugar number – he got paid $5 for hitting that number.. I had an a-ha moment… I think this is JUST what Eden needs to be motivated right now..!!

Her first love is Basketball..

Her second love is FOOD..

Her third love is spending $$$..

No way we can reward with food – that just somehow doesn’t seem right.. But we CAN combine the other two so she can shop for basketball gear..

We have just devised a system where if Eden is responsible with her T1D and has good blood sugar levels she is REWARDED. Hopefully this will be incentive enough for her to WANT to be more responsible with her T1D care.. who knows – we are going to give it a shot. We KNOW T1D doesn’t always comply but we need to try something…

In range – between 120-150 she earns $2

Money ball – 110 – magic number she chose – she earns $10

no bolus deduction (when she forgets) – $5

She has the potential to earn a LOT of $$ here since she tests SO many times per day – so we decided to cap it off at $20 a week so she doesn’t send us completely broke..

Granted I’d rather be broke and see steady numbers.. realistically it is probably cheaper than using extra insulin and testing for ketones every week.

Hopefully this is the motivation she needs and you will soon see Eden dressed head to toe in Nike basketball gear 🙂


6 thoughts on “Is Bribery our Answer ??

  1. What happens when she leaves home into the adult world, who will reward her then? The feeling like crap, the fear of losing a limb, eyesight or God forbid her life should keep her keeping treatment on course. I think rewarding her for something she should be doing anyway with the supervision of her living family. Money is never the answer, playing basketball without a hypo, being trusted enough to go away with with her freinds for a weekend away without her parents is reward enough. She is still a child (just) How about a star chart for a week at a time but reward her with new clothes, cinema, bowling, something that is family orientated. What about teaching her to ski. Please, money is not the answer, she could just expect more and more as she becomes a teenager and you know how teenagers are lol. 🙂

    • believe me – we have tried star charts and other rewards systems… we are trying to find what MOTIVATES her – and right now this is it. We will not do this forever – we just want her to understand that having blood sugar levels make her FEEL good and that she should WANT to do everything in her power to have good blood sugar levels. We are trying to TEACH her that the little things like washing her hands before she tests, not sneaking food and or forgetting to dose (or saying she has when indeed she hasn’t) all affect her blood sugar levels. She is NOT motivated right now and doesn’t understand that when she is in range she feels GREAT and that it affects her basketball game, her school work, her attitude, etc… the more she is actually IN range the more she will understand this.. we needed to find a way to motivate her first – she was excited about the idea so we are giving it a try.

      • I do wish you and Eden all the best, I know as an adult, I still sneak food, I occasionally don’t stick to the diet, but I know what its like to be in a full blown hypo, the staggering about, the walking into the wall giving myself a black eye, the confusion and the most dangerous of all is wanting to lay down and sleep, Also going hyper and believe me I would rather have a hypo then hyper, I have never felt so ill in my life and it was all my fault, I went to a party without taking my injection with me. I felt so sick, I vomited over this poor guys carpet, people thought I was drunk, I was in pain, bloated, headache, swollen feet, wanted to sleep. Its really taught me to watch my bloods and watch what I put in my mouth.
        I used to meet a guy every March when I go for my yearly check up at the diabetic clinic and about 5 years ago he had problems with his toes, then next year he had lost his foot and 4 toes on the other, then two years ago he had lost both legs I never saw him last year but I expect he was no longer with us.
        Tell her to read the above if she needs to know more I will email her and scare the bejeezers out of her lol
        Tell her that if she sticks to what she is suppose to do for the next 2 months I will send her a gift all the way from Scottish Scotland (With your permission of course) I will also speak to the head teacher at the school I have just finished working at see if the 2 kids who are diabetic would be an E-pal with Eden again up to you of course. Let me know what you think blog(at)

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