Maybe Bribery isn’t YOUR Answer …

I felt the need to write a little more in regards to yesterday’s post. If you didn’t see it you can read it here.

I honestly didn’t expect some of the feedback / backlash I received for my “bribery” post… I understand we ALL do things differently whilst trying to do the best WE KNOW how to care for a disease that is VERY difficult to manage. For those who commented (not necessarily here) and have not been following this Blog from the beginning or know us personally you wouldn’t know the struggles that we have faced.

In light of some comments I feel the need to explain our reasoning behind the new system.

It is our job as parents to TEACH Eden to do the right things that LEAD to good blood sugar numbers, i.e.: washing her hands before testing, not sneaking food, testing her blood sugar before eating, making smart food choices and remembering to bolus (dose) her insulin.

We are not making a game out of her blood sugar numbers but instead trying to find what works to motivate HER to WANT to do the right thing. We have tried multiple reward systems, scare tactics and things over the years.


Having T1D is not fun – it never takes a break and she gets TIRED of it. This brings her something to look forward to – she is guessing her number and she WANTS it to be a good one.  She didn’t really CARE before.

EVERY CHILD IS DIFFERENT. We are trying to find what works for HER.

We discussed the new strategy as a family before we put it in place. Eden, her dad and even her older sister weighed in their opinions. We decided as a family to try it and see how things went.

Eden was SUPER excited about the idea and was very motivated from the start. We are VERY MUCH aware that T1D doesn’t play by the rules and that Eden can do absolutely everything right and STILL not have blood sugars in range.

We KNOW this – SHE knows this. 

Part of our job is to TEACH her exactly WHAT affects her blood sugar numbers and to also make her understand that she FEELS better when her numbers are in range. Why can’t we add a little extra motivation and excitement for her? Maybe $$ isn’t the answer, but really it’s no different than offering anything else as a reward. We are NOT going to be doing this forever. We will evaluate every week and go from there. We want her to know what it feels like to be responsible and be PROUD of what she is doing. We want the right things to become a habit.

So far she is doing AMAZING!!! Eden is a different kid and is MOTIVATED for the first time in a very long time.

She needed her pump site changed yesterday – while I was doing something else SHE started getting everything ready. SHE wanted to draw out the insulin to fill the reservoir. Packing her lunch for school today (Eden packs her own) she was asking me about which snack she should put in. We have had MANY discussions and arguments about her snack choice affecting her lunch blood sugar reading. Today – she WANTED to do the right thing. These are HUGE steps in progress for us and if a little $$ incentive is what she needs then that is what we are going to do.

Everyone is entitled to their opinions – I get it. Maybe we are doing this all wrong – maybe not. But we are TRYING..

D-Life is HARD.

Teaching a pre-teen how to manage her T1D is HARD.

Letting go and letting her make mistakes when the consequences can be life threatening is HARD.

Parenting is HARD.

But we always teach our kids – if you don’t have anything nice to say – don’t say it at all..


7 thoughts on “Maybe Bribery isn’t YOUR Answer …

  1. I think that is a brilliant idea! Hope it motivates her. Finding that “thing” that motivates with any child is difficult. Good luck!

  2. I really wasn’t getting at you or the ‘bribery’ I just think money, cold hard cash isn’t the way to go, give her the amount she has to spend but how do you stop her heading straight to the shopping mall with her friends and into McDonalds for icecream, I know if I was 11 with a hand full of cash thats where I would head and it defeats the purpose. I have worked with many children for over 20+ years mainly under the age of 13 so I know how the little darlings think.
    How about she chooses a item from an online shop and thats her reward she can see what she wants, even print the picture out and fix it to the fridge door or put it in the cookie jar so if she is thinking of stealing food she can see what she will loose.
    I know how difficult it many of the children I worked with had a disability, from T1D to being autistic, downs to CP. I know the difficulties parents have with just being a parent and trying not being the bad one who always says No you cannot have that or do that, but I know I can see you are doing the best for Eden and her life condition and I admire everything you are doing and wish you all the best for you and your families future. 🙂

    • thanks Pete – I received comments in other places too so it wasn’t only directed at you 🙂
      I appreciate input – I really do – I have taken advice and input from many, but no-one knows our child better than we do.

      • Your welcome, I think its in my nature and also having visited parents seeing them in tears because they were at their wits end and having great difficulty in coping which as you know a child with a disability can put a lot of stress on a family. I do hope that there is a compromise and she gets on the right path and as you know no one knows your own child better than you do 🙂

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