An upcoming Episode on TLC ??

Anyone who knows me knows that I am NOT really a “stuff” person. I don’t like clutter and clean out and donate things regularly.

One thing I NEED around and some might consider “hoarding” are Eden’s medical supplies. I didn’t realize until recently when I found these images that I was not alone 😉

Just SEEING extra insulin and supplies makes my heart happy and lifts a weight off my shoulders. It all keeps Eden alive!

Could we EVER have too much? Nope – never, ever… 

If I showed you a picture of our medical cabinet for Eden’s supplies it would look VERY similar.. I think we probably have enough lancets to last her a lifetime.. You are supposed to change the lancet every time you check your blood sugar – does that realistically happen – NO WAY – we have a LOT. They don’t go bad and she will NEED them for the rest of her life.

I have written before about how expensive T1D and supplies can be. So in the past when we have met our insurance deductible (meaning the remainder of the year everything was FREE) I got prescriptions filled as SOON as I was able even if we might have had enough supplies to keep going for a couple of weeks.

Example: Eden gets 2 bottles of insulin every month per prescription. We use one and a half on average. sometimes more, sometimes less. What does that mean? We usually have a slight excess when the next refill is available but I FILLED IT anyway! Slowly, slowly over the years this has enabled us to build up a little stockpile of insulin in our refrigerator. We probably have 3 months “just in case” insulin right now. As Eden grows her insulin requirements increase, if she is sick she needs more insulin, insulin can go bad quickly in the warmer weather so we use more and waste more, what if we break a bottle? I NEVER want to be caught with not enough and dealing with insurance companies is NOT fun and it has taken WAY too long to get what we need sometimes..

In my opinion you can NEVER be too prepared.. After all – she is going to need insulin for the REST OF HER LIFE – or until there is a CURE…


One thought on “An upcoming Episode on TLC ??

  1. I know that keeping a stock is a must I always have two pens in the fridge and one active the thing in the UK all diabetic supplies are free, it used to be that we had to pay for needles for the syringes but then the government slipped up gave free needles to druggies but made diabetics pay. There was such an upraising that they made it free for diabetics along with yearly eye tests.

    Our treatment is all covered by the National Health Service (NHS) (Scotland) everyone one in the UK gets ‘free’ health care, we pay for it as part of our National Insurance which is taken from our wages every time we get paid, its only a few pound a week. If you are on low wage you get dental treatment free, as you can see its a great service especially if like diabetics you need the drugs all the time. In England the NHS covers there also but you still pay for prescriptions which is about £8 for every prescription around $13.
    The system Obarma is trying to bring in is almost the same but I won’t bring that up as some are not happy about it.

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