We have SUCCESS !!! … Well for Now

I would say our first almost week of the new Reward System (here and here) has been a HUGE SUCCESS..

You have to find what works – and I think we may have found it. For now…..

Eden has been very diligent about doing the right thing – she looks forward to seeing what her blood sugar number is instead of not really caring. So far she has earned herself $ 12 ! (AND she lost $10 – so she has rocked it!)


We have still had our ups and downs and numbers that don’t make sense but we have also had a couple where it TAUGHT HER that not dosing can have huge consequences..

The other day I got a phone call from school for her lunch time blood sugar test. I only get a phone call if she is HIGH or LOW – She was 555 – wash hands re-test 515 .. YIKES…


Did the 515 make sense? absolutely not… did I sense something was amiss.. yes, I did. My first thought was her pump infusion site had gone bad.  Do I go to the school and change it – or let it ride and see what happens?? She was about to head out to eat her lunch and run around and play with her friends. The absolute BEST thing to do would have been to NOT have her eat her lunch – give a correction of insulin and have her come back to the office in an hour to re-test. If she was at home – that is exactly what I would do.. At school, it just doesn’t seem fair – she gets singled out enough and just wants to be with her friends. She said she felt fine – had .02 ketones which are very minimal for such a HIGH blood sugar number so I let her go on her merry way with instructions to come back and re-test in 2 hours.

Backtrack a little bit – We got Eden a cell phone for Christmas so that she could be more independent, report her own blood glucose numbers and ready herself for Middle School next year. She still tests her blood sugar numbers in the school office and if they are out of range the school will call me so we can discuss what should be done.

Earlier in the day I had gotten a text from her telling me she was “dosing” for her snack. She eats a small snack at 11am without testing her blood sugar – but she obviously needs to give herself INSULIN when she eats it. For the last few months we have been allowing her to do this on her own without supervision in the school office.

When she got home – we figured out that she TEXTED me that she was dosing for her snack but didn’t actually DO IT..

Was I mad – no. Was I frustrated – YES… 

BUT she learned something…. that a small 10gm carb snack that she DID NOT dose for shot her up into the 500’s… She lost $5 but we also figured out that she needs to dose FIRST and then text me so she doesn’t just run out the door to recess ..

It is a learning process for ALL of us…

As we try to give her more independence we need to figure out what works and doesn’t work – what will help to remind her to do the right thing and what won’t ..

I am SO PROUD of Eden for really stepping up this week and TRYING.. We will evaluate on Sunday to see what she thinks and if we need to make any changes, but for now, I think it’s working…  phew .. it’s been a GOOD WEEK! 


2 thoughts on “We have SUCCESS !!! … Well for Now

  1. Well done Eden, keep it up girl 🙂 You did better than me yesterday, I drove to Edinburgh and back to pick up my grandchildren, then I grabbed sonething to eat along with my shot and 30 minutes later I was in one of the quickest hypo, I stated to shake, sweat, my legs were like jelly, couldn’t think straight and my wife noticed and a dose of glucose gel I was backnto normal, had a pear and an apple I was ready for the night sleep, I had never had a hypo that came on so fast I will have to keep an eye on that. You may deduct £5 off me 🙂

  2. We are using the MySugar app and it’s been great. Between my house and his dad’s house we can keep tabs on how he’s doing. The best part is Ian thinks it’s a game and he enjoys it. It’s helping him become more responsible and aware. I am hoping that this knowledge and enthusiasm will transfer to the pump.

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