Pump Vacation – Not Really a Vacation ..

A few months ago when we were in the midst of blood sugar craziness and Eden was not doing the right thing, one of the things I suggested to her was going off the insulin pump. At the time she did NOT like the idea but recently she mentioned that maybe she would like to take a “pump vacation” over the Summer.

Last Summer we had a swimming  pool put in at home – it was GREAT – but because she was such a fish and swimming so much it was difficult to keep her infusion sites attached to her water logged skin and of course NOT being able to wear it while swimming she was disconnected more than she was connected. Some days this was fine – others it didn’t work out so great…

In early April we are heading to Hawaii for a family vacation – Eden mentioned on Friday that maybe we start her pump vacation then.. Sounds like a smart idea –  the mix of hours at the swimming pool, the beach and sand are not necessarily a good mix. We did manage it the last time we were in Hawaii but it was a constant worry.

I have now started researching and trying to jog my memory about what it was like pre-pump.. I don’t think she realizes HOW MUCH work it is actually going to be… It will not be a VACATION by any means .. BUT – if it makes Eden feel like she has some control over her disease and that she can make decisions for her own care then we will give it a try.

Eden’s insulin pump is a mini computer that calculates small insulin dosages based on many factors. Time of day – carb ratios – basal rates – active insulin still in her system. When we take a pump “vacation” – it is going to require a LOT MORE thinking and calculating on our part as well as going from ONE type of insulin to TWO..

Our life is about to change drastically AGAIN – trying to re-learn all we need to know about managing T1D with shots instead of the pump. Yes, we have done it before – but that was a LONG time ago, and things are different now – her body has changed and she is growing..

At the very least Eden will need a shot of insulin EVERY SINGLE time she eats.

She will need a MUCH MORE regimented eating schedule

She will NEED to eat a snack before bed with fat content

She will either need to learn how to draw out the insulin and inject herself or deal with us doing everything for her again and then there is SCHOOL….

She will need to go back to the nurse doing things for her…

I am secretly worried that this is a bad idea – that we are taking a step backwards, but I will call her doctor tomorrow so that we can make steps towards having this happen..

Type 1 Diabetes ALWAYS keeps us on our toes – but we are about to be challenged and tested again…


3 thoughts on “Pump Vacation – Not Really a Vacation ..

  1. Thanks for sharing more about the day-to-day management of diabetes. Making Eden a part of the decision process sounds like a great way to empower her — a helpful in working with All preteens and teens. Go Mom and Eden!

  2. Oddly enough we are getting ready to START the pump soon and reading your list of all the ways shots will be more work on everyone’s part makes me know we are moving in the right direction. We will be on vacation at the end of March and I’m really hoping to have things in place by then.

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