Another Reason to Worry … Long Term Complications

High blood sugar numbers are scary for a number of reasons… Of course the IMMEDIATE worry and need to get the blood sugar back into range to ward off ketones, DKA and hospitalization but when we struggle with persistent high blood glucose we have the worry of long term complications from this relentless disease too.


Type 1 Diabetes is not only sometimes extremely difficult to manage on a DAILY basis due to MANY factors, we also have the worry in the back of our minds that if we don’t keep blood sugar numbers under “control” our child will SUFFER later on in life.

High blood sugar levels cause DAMAGE to the internal organs of Eden’s body.

So NOT only do we have the daily job of counting carbs, high / low BS numbers, effects of exercise and correct insulin dosages, in the back of our mind we have the fear that if we are NOT maintaining good blood sugar numbers ALL THE TIME we are setting our kids up for a long hard road down the line.

WE the D-PARENTS carry this burden..

It is our job not only to try to manage a disease that is VERY hard to manage, but to try to TEACH our children to respect and manage a disease that could one day have major implications in their quality of life if they do not take it seriously.

Some known complications:

  • Kidney disease
  • Heart disease and damage to blood vessels
  • Eye complications
  • Nerve function and damage
  • Foot problems
  • Joint problems
  • Depression
  • Pregnancy complications
  • High blood sugar causes wounds to heal slowly


Type 1 Diabetics are also much more prone to other auto-immune conditions as their body has already attacked and destroyed one organ, the pancreas. Eden’s body has also attacked her thyroid and she will most likely be on medication the rest of her life for that too..

We may worry MORE than the average parent – but there are valid reasons that are not just cause for immediate worry…

This is D-Life –


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