It’s the Carbohydrates that Matter ..

I’m sure everyone is getting used to reading Nutrition labels these days..

What do you look at? Calories? Sodium? Fat content? Fiber? Carbohydrates?

If you look at the Carbohydrates – chances are you aren’t looking at them the way WE do..

To a Type 1 Diabetic – CARBOHYDRATES are what matters and what rules the way we live day in and day out..

Eden needs INSULIN for pretty much every single Carbohydrate she puts into her mouth. Carbohydrates come in different forms – Sugar – Sugar Alcohol – Fiber. We need to look at the TOTAL Carbohydrates and NOT just the SUGAR that is in the food she consumes. And of course, obviously not ALL foods come with a label…

What about fruits and vegetables ?? Foods prepared at home or in a restaurant with multiple ingredients?


Most all foods contain some Carbohydrates – except for proteins (meats – some processed meats still have Carbs) and cheese – these foods are considered “free” foods which Eden technically does NOT need insulin for but they still affect her insulin absorption due to the fat content.

Pretty much EVERYTHING Eden eats matters!

This is an example of a snack we have in the pantry that Eden likes and needs to READ the label before she eats. She can’t just grab the bag, grab a handful and start eating like most kids. She needs to read the label and measure her food exactly.


What matters?

The SERVING size and the TOTAL Carbs..

This particular snack she can have 17 mini rice cakes or weigh them for 30g and that equals 21g of Carbohydrates.

She needs to enter the 21g of Carbs into her insulin pump so that it can calculate the exact dosage of insulin to give her – depending on the time of day she will need a different dosage.

Before eating ANYTHING – we need to know or guestimate how many Carbohydrates are in it. 

Think about how often you eat a meal – drink something – snack on something – chew GUM… I bet you don’t even think twice about it most of the time…

A life with Type 1 Diabetes means that you must think about it ALL THE TIME and take the appropriate amount of insulin to stay ALIVE – just to EAT – let alone considering other factors that might be involved..




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