Not the Best way to Start the Day…

Eden doesn’t like me very much today..

It is her favorite day – NOT.. time to change her insulin pump site. AGAIN

The past 10 days or so we have been changing it every 2 days instead of 3. We seemed to be continually seeing higher blood sugar numbers on day 3  – so we decided to try every 2 days and see if we had better results..

Today – she is NOT happy with me – it hurt more than usual today for some reason..  One day she might appreciate what I do to keep her alive and healthy – but today is not that day.

2 days goes by SO QUICKLY – when it is something she dreads it makes it even more horrible and this morning the tears came. Believe me – it isn’t the first time.

Some days she seems to think I ENJOY inflicting pain on her which is SO FAR from the truth. We go through this because WE HAVE TO.

I do NOT enjoy it and Eden does NOT enjoy it.. It sucks and there is no other way around it – BUT we need to do what needs to be done and move on with our day with a smile on our faces.. Because that is who we are and Type 1 Diabetes will NOT take that from us.


I spoke to Eden’s doctor on Tuesday about possibly taking a pump vacation (see here). He wasn’t against the idea and I have informed Eden that she will have a guaranteed 7 shots a day at the very least if she goes off her pump.

Now she just needs to decide which is the lesser of two evils.

ONE big needle and site change every 2 days with the insulin pump or at LEAST 7 shots per day if she decides to go off the pump completely..

Today I think her vote is probably the shots…


One thought on “Not the Best way to Start the Day…

  1. I have days like that, I normally site my injections around and near my belly button as it doesn’t seem to hurt at all, then the next day it hurts like hell and then the next day it doesn’t hurt but bleeds, you just cannot win but I know its life saving and I have no choice but I am 50 and understand that, it must be really difficult being 11 and just wanting to be ‘normal’ but what is this normal rubbish, there is no normal just everyone is different and that is what makes this planet so special 🙂

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