What ya got for us Today D ???

Not sure exactly WHAT Type 1 Diabetes will choose to throw at us today but I will be ready..

It could be interesting – Eden has 3 basketball games – with only an hour break in between.



  • Will her blood sugar go sky high from the adrenaline?
  • Will her high blood sugar cause her to play with a confused dazed look on her face?
  • Will she experience a low blood sugar episode in the middle of a game?
  • Will her blood sugar remain steady and she will play the games of her life?
  • Will her blood sugar remain steady but then drop unexpectedly a few hours later?
  • Do we have enough juice, glucose tabs and snacks on hand in case her blood sugar is stubbornly LOW and not wanting to rise?
  • Will she need to sit out of the game because she is too low to take the court?
  • Do we have enough test strips on hand for all the finger prick testing she is going to be doing?

We can’t just walk out the door for a basketball tournament and NOT THINK about all of these things..

Exercise and T1D don’t always mix – I will be watching and cheering from the sidelines and ALL of these things will be running through my mind as I look for signals from her body..


Hoping that D is kind to us today …


5 thoughts on “What ya got for us Today D ???

  1. Oh the joys of basketball and T1D. Ian starts getting high about 24 hours before game time because he is so pumped and so competitive. A
    He stays high the whole game and then one hour afterwards….crash to 50! This took us three weeks to recognize the pattern and the next four weeks went a lot better. The season ended today. Now on to baseball….a whole other challenge!

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