Tired is an Understatement …

I know all moms (and most likely dads) will remember those first days/weeks/months of having a new precious baby in the house. The extreme fatigue and tiredness from having to get up during the night and tend to your baby every couple of hours. New mothers are encouraged to sleep when baby sleeps, get offered lots of help and often nice warm delivered home cooked meals so that we can focus all our time and energy on this new fragile life.

tired quote

Can you imagine going through that DAILY ???

Having a Type 1 Diabetic child – this is how I feel almost every day.. 

Unfortunately we are on our own though – no napping, no eager help and no home delivered meals. Just a suitcase of dark circles under my eyes and the need to get up and get moving in the morning.. Thank goodness at the moment I don’t have to head to “work” – my work is at home – which at times can be a very under appreciated job..

coffee quote

I have joked before on the Eden’s Effort Facebook Page that I survive on coffee and wine.. Truth be told I think I truly would die without coffee.. I never used to be a huge coffee drinker, but boy o boy do I love it now! 🙂

Wine – well on the occasional night I will have a glass (rarely two) – never more – as I need to have my complete wits about me at all times. D is completely unpredictable and I need to try to keep my brain as sharp as possible at all times – just in case…

Hmm…. how is that even POSSIBLE – when I probably had a sum total of 3 hours sleep last night.. not uninterrupted sleep either – a half an hour here, 15 minutes there…

At least having a newborn is exciting and amazing and you have the new mommy hormones to keep you going…

There is NOTHING exciting about staying up all night with Type 1 Diabetes..

The entire sleepless night is often filled with worry, fear and second guessing that you did the right thing while your brain is fuzzy with fatigue.. If you DIDN’T do the right thing – or you sleep through the 2nd or 3rd or 4th alarm – it could be catastrophic.

Yeah – today I’m tired – REALLY tired.. I’m not really a napping kind of person – but today I might need to make an exception.


4 thoughts on “Tired is an Understatement …

  1. Hang in there Heather! I wish I could say its going to get easier. I’m 44 and my mother is still concerned about my BG. A mother’s job is never complete. Diabetes never takes a day off.

    Duck Fiabetes!

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