For the Newbies…

Since I have so many new followers and Blog readers – THANK YOU! – I thought I would re-introduce myself, Heather (D-mom) and my D-Child – Eden….

Eden is my 11 year old –  beautiful, smart, spunky, fun loving, full of life, daring, precocious, basketball obsessed Type 1 Diabetic daughter.

Looking at her as an outsider you would NEVER KNOW that she carries an incurable disease. Type 1 Diabetes is an INCURABLE disease that takes a LOT of hard work, thought and planning to manage on a DAILY basis. Every single day – 24 hours a day – 7 days a week – 365 days a year. NO breaks – EVER.


Eden was diagnosed close to 4 years ago – on the 4th of July – just before her 8th birthday.. A day that will be forever etched in my memory. A day where our lives changed FOREVER… A day that started with an incredibly steep learning curve in the hospital where we learned to care for our new T1D child. A new life full of blood – insulin – needles and numbers … finger pricks, insulin injections, blood sugar numbers, sleepless nights and endless worry..

The first year or so apart from the new reality of it all I think we were on easy street. After a year we moved from insulin injections to the insulin pump ( which we initially wanted to throw in the garbage!)  giving us a less strict schedule and the ease of giving very small increments of insulin.. Everything the doctors told us for the most part worked. We still had the usual ups and downs and of course it was scary, but I think we settled in pretty well to our new normal.

Fast forward to last year and all hell seemed to break loose… (you can read about it here) Eden’s body started to be besieged with growth and puberty hormones, her blood sugar numbers were ALL over the place, her attitude was terrible and I was a grumpy, tired, nervous wreck…

THAT is when I started blogging and discovered a previously unknown support group online known as the DOC (Diabetes Online Community) which has been an AMAZING support from hundreds of people whom I have NEVER met – that don’t know me or Eden personally but KNOW EXACTLY what it means to live with the Type 1 Diabetes monster..


My daily goal is to not only be open and honest with the REAL challenges and struggles we deal with living with T1D but to also help to EDUCATE the general public about what T1D really is.. I have learned so much about myself and my amazing daughter in the past 3.5 years and I myself continue to LEARN about this disease on a daily basis – there is SO much to know..

I hope you will all continue to read – learn – laugh – smile and possibly cry with me…


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