WHY Does my Mind ALWAYS go There…. ?

Eden is currently being a KID – she is out playing with the neighborhood kids at the park around the corner.. Something that she has only started doing recently. Not necessarily because she wasn’t allowed to, just that there weren’t really any kids around that she wanted to hang out with..

She has strict instructions to check in every 30 minutes. She has her medical kit with her and her phone..


Oh my gosh – I wish she could  just go and run around and have fun without my mind CONSTANTLY worrying about what could happen….

Is it just the mother in me – or the T1D mother ??

I think as mothers we ALWAYS think of the “worst case” scenarios …

  • we pad the corners of tables just in case our young kids fall and bang their heads
  • we lock up the medicine cabinet
  • we yell out “SOMEONE is going to get HURT” when the kids are rough housing
  • we worry when they are jumping in the pool that they are too close to the edge
  • we worry, we worry, we worry….

we ALWAYS worry – but NOW I have additional worries…. 

  • HOW much is she actually running around out there???
  • Is she going to have a low blood sugar episode?
  • Is she going to listen to her body and stop to check her blood sugar??
  • Would her friends have ANY idea what to do??
  • Would they come and get me??


I wish for ONE DAY – we could be totally, completely and utterly carefree…

More than that – I WISH FOR A CURE….. we REALLY need a CURE


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