Vacation Countdown….

So the countdown to our Hawaii vacation has begun – we leave in just over 4 weeks.

Eden has yet to decide whether she wants to take a “pump vacation” while we are away and time is ticking.. She REALLY needs to make a decision. I am trying so hard NOT to pressure her because I want this to be her decision – but I can’t wait forever! I have gently asked her a few times if she has thought about it – more often than not met with an “I don’t know”.

She seems to want the best of both worlds – the freedom without her pump while away – but no shots at school…  I KNOW she is concerned with having to get insulin shots at school leading up to us departing. I even offered yesterday for ME to come in every day to do it. NOPE.. She didn’t like that idea.. There is a hybrid alternative where we could still have a pump site in but not have her tethered 24 hours a day.. I guess we could experiment with that the week before we leave ? I don’t really like the idea of experimenting with my daughters life….

Her doctor seemed to think that it would be OK to just go off the pump the day we fly off on our vacation..

ME – well, not so much… I DO NOT like that idea – AT ALL..

It’s the worry wart mother and planner in me – I know it..

no idea

In an emergency situation if her pump malfunctioned that is precisely what we would be doing, but it is NOT an emergency situation and I am worried because we will be completely changing the “normal” that we are so used to.. Any change to insulin requirements makes me nervous.. I always closely monitor her blood sugar levels for trends before I make ANY changes to her dosage requirements. Insulin keeps her alive – but too much could also kill her..


I would REALLY like at least a week to be able to regulate and tweak things.. Eden will be going from 1 type of insulin to 2 – a short acting insulin (Humalog) for meals and correcting high blood sugar levels and a long acting “background” insulin (Lantus) which will substitute what her pump usually trickles into her body 24hrs a day. Dr suggested 2 shots a day of the long acting – morning and night – and to adjust up and down as required due to added activity.. I DON’T KNOW exactly what will be required and I really don’t want the stress of figuring it out when we are SO FAR away from home…

Eden’s blood sugar levels will probably be a little erratic – we will have a time zone change, excitement, adrenaline, different foods and meal times, later nights and a lot more activity.. I would like to at least FEEL a little bit prepared before we leave.. even if it will be a FALSE sense of security – it will make me feel better to at least have a baseline to work with…

As it is I have already started a list with the MOUNTAINS of supplies we will need to take with us for our 8 day adventure. I need to be sure I have enough on hand to get us through the next 4 weeks PLUS the time we are gone and LOTS of extras to take with us… just in case…

There is SO MUCH to consider – I REALLY need her to make a decision so I can move forward with my planning! I know we could go prepared for both outcomes, but that will only add to the mountain of supplies to bring…  

SO MUCH is going through my mind – I swear it never stops…

Eden doesn’t think of any of these things and neither does her dad..

It’s me – ALL ME … momma’s brain is starting to hurt 🙂


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