Feeling Better than Ever…

WOW – it is AMAZING what a full good nights SLEEP feels like…

I think my body has forgotten what it feels like – something so simple as a heavy, deep, uninterrupted full nights sleep – that many of you out there probably take for granted and D-moms and dads don’t know much about..

I feel ready to conquer the world today… WATCH out – here I come 🙂

Not that I have anything exciting on the agenda – I do have a DMV license renewal appointment – I’m not vain or anything – but at least I don’t have suitcase bags under my eyes today 🙂

It was dads turn to do Eden’s night time blood sugar checks.. I usually wake up when his alarm goes off and wait until he makes it back to bed to find out what number she tested… Last night – I have NO recollection of waking up to the alarm – or asking about her… I usually can’t get back to sleep until I KNOW what that number is…

All I can say, is GOOD THING it wasn’t my turn last night – because I probably would have slept through MY alarm too… My body had very obviously hit a brick wall – and decided – MUST SLEEP…


Boy does it feel good..

It’s a GREAT day – Happy Thursday everyone (or Friday to some of you)

Hoping that D cooperates today too … wouldn’t THAT make for a truly great day!


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