Eden is Going to Have a Burl …

Good news – Eden made Honor Roll at school again for the past trimester… YAY Eden!

Calls for a Celebration!!

The first part of the school celebration is an Award Ceremony and certificate…


The second part is a special PIZZA lunch with the Principal…

You probably have seen by now from my other posts that pizza is NOT the best thing for blood sugar – it usually causes a severe high hours after eating it due to the fat content slowing down digestion… not that it stops our family from eating it – we all LOVE pizza so we aren’t going to let D stop us from eating it!


Today is going to be a big step and test for Eden.. She is going to have a burl – meaning she is going to give it a try – all by herself. I am going to let Eden handle her own carbohydrate guessing and dosage of insulin.. The school is ordering pizza from a new place this time – I have never clapped eyes on the pizza to see how thick the crust is, how big the pieces are, how cheesy it is and how fatty the pepperoni is.. All these things factor in to how we calculate her insulin dosages..

Over the years we have experimented with different ways to dose for pizza and we have yet to come up with the PERFECT regime… We have discussed what I feel the best way for her to dose today should be – lets hope she REMEMBERS to dose and is not in too much of a hurry to eat and sit down with her friends…

If she forgets to give herself insulin all together – we could have HUGE problems later today.. If she gives herself too much – I hope that she listens to the signals her body gives her..

Today I am letting Eden be completely independent and guess for herself – she has been doing a pretty darn good job lately – last night she took total control of her dinner carbohydrate guessing and dosing and was a PERFECT blood sugar of  121 before bed last night!

WAY TO GO Eden!!!

So proud of you taking control of your Type 1 Diabetes today and of course your Award – no 4.0 this time, but SO proud just the same – this year has been a much bigger struggle with high blood sugars and concentration..

Proud momma today ..


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