Is an Hour just an Hour ??

We got to “Spring Forward” for daylight savings today… YAY – we got to LOSE an hours sleep.. I’m sure that was just what every D-parent wanted this weekend 😉


It also means that Summer is approaching which makes me VERY happy! Should this seemingly innocent 1 hour change in our clock make a dramatic effect in our life? It shouldn’t … but with D in our life WHO KNOWS…

I know before D this simple 1 hour change would be felt for an entire week because our bodies had to adjust to the change.. NOW – we need to account for not only the fact that Eden’s body clock needs to adjust for the time difference –

but her INSULIN settings are all tied to a time of day as well….

That may not seem important – BUT IT IS…

Eden has 5 different insulin : carb ratios throughout the day.

Example – her morning insulin ratios are as follows:

  • 7am – 11am – she needs 1 unit of insulin for every 10 carbs she eats
  • 11am – 3pm – she needs 1 unit of insulin for every 15 carbs she eats

SO – changing the time on her pump means that this morning she is going to be getting MORE INSULIN earlier than usual in this specific instance..

…and this is just ONE example and doesn’t factor in her basal insulin settings that trickle into her body 24hrs a day.. We have 5 different settings based on the time of day for those too..

Today could be interesting – we have this simple 1 hour change to contend with – an hours less sleep (which can also affect blood sugar levels) plus a basketball game plus intense basketball training tonight and insulin settings that are DIFFERENT..

I think D will keep us on our toes today! 


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