Daily Prompt… So what IS Pressure?

The blogging medium I use every day sends out a “Daily Prompt” to help bloggers who may need extra encouragement to write and to give an idea of something for the blogging community to actually write about..

I have received these emails and prompts for a while now but never thought too much about them until today..

Today’s Daily Prompt is PRESSURE – 

Hmm…. I sure can relate to THAT ONE..

Not that I have looming deadlines that I need to meet on a daily basis for my blogging – I do it solely as an educational tool and to spread awareness that is GREATLY needed about Type 1 Diabetes – but no-one is holding me accountable besides myself..

I don’t HAVE to do this on a daily basis – I am NOT getting paid to do this – but I desperately WANT to..

Aside from the pressure I put on myself to keep writing and educating –

our LIFE with Type 1 Diabetes is PRESSURE… Total complete and utter PRESSURE 

type one

♥ walking a tightrope of blood sugar numbers every.single.day.

♥ counting carbohydrates ingested every.single.day.

♥ dosing required insulin where a single drop too much can change everything in an instant every.single.day.

♥ balancing growth hormones and exercise and other factors that effect blood sugar numbers every.single.day.

♥ using an ELECTRONIC device to keep my child ALIVE every.single.day.

♥ living with a chronic – incurable disease – that takes a LOT of work every.single.day.

♥ dealing with the stigma of a disease named “diabetes” and public misconceptions every.single.day.

♥ going without sleep and force feeding your child sugar in the middle of the night so they don’t slip into a COMA from a low blood sugar episode…


Type 1 families live with this kind of PRESSURE – every.single.day.. and WILL live with it until there is a cure.

In my mind – there is no greater pressure than being in charge of keeping your child ALIVE on a daily basis…

For those of you who don’t know that much about Type 1 Diabetes – please educate yourself and others by re-blogging and sharing.. THIS info graphic is a terrific one to share …


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