What an ACTIVE week…. How many Lows will we have ?

So this week is an unusually active week for Eden…

Why does this matter or make a difference??

Well – exercise can lower blood sugar levels up to 24 HOURS after the actual exercise took place!!

We generally see Eden’s blood sugar numbers run on the lower end of normal the day after an intense basketball workout or a tournament day when she plays more than one basketball game in a day. What will happen when she doesn’t have a rest day? I expect to see MANY lows this week… hopefully not TOO low….. (in case you don’t know – too low = bad = immediate sugar required – severe low = REALLY bad – read more HERE and HERE )

THIS is our week:

  • Saturday – 2 games of basketball
  • Saturday night – DAYLIGHT SAVINGS – lose an hour sleep – insulin settings tied to time of day
  • Sunday – 1 basketball game
  • Sunday night – intense 2.5 hour basketball training and scrimmage
  • Monday night – 1.5 hour basketball practice
  • Tuesday night – 2 hour basketball tryouts
  • Wednesday night – 1.5 hour basketball practice
  • Thursday night – 2 hour basketball tryouts
  • Friday night – AT HOME .. phew!

good thing I like basketball – right?!

She certainly ran low (not scary low) yesterday – and also at basketball practice last night – which is unusual… She actually tends to run HIGHER on a Monday night practice because she is disconnected from her pump and Monday practices seem to be less strenuous.

I pay CLOSE attention to these things – I will usually know when a post basketball HIGH blood sugar is caused by adrenaline versus not getting enough insulin from being disconnected to her insulin pump. We check her blood sugar MULTIPLE times during the night while she is sleeping to ensure she doesn’t drop too low – we make changes to the amount of insulin she gets on these nights to help stop delayed LOWS from happening.. She DOES NOT wake up when low…


Eden is starting to master counting her carbohydrates and dosing her insulin on NON ACTIVE days/nights – but when you throw exercise into the mix you need to think of things COMPLETELY differently… we DO NOT cover (dose insulin for) ALL of the carbs for the food she eats prior to or just after exercise… how do we KNOW what to cover and what not to ??? WE GUESS – and we GUESS based on so many different factors…



3 thoughts on “What an ACTIVE week…. How many Lows will we have ?

  1. My dd wil be practicing 6 hours of gymnastics today. She will have a two hour break in between, but I am preparing myself to watch for lows tonight. They have their state gymnastics competition this weekend so they will be working hard all week. She is 7 and recently diagnosed. CANNOT feel a low yet! So I have to be on my toes.

    • yikes – that is a LONG time!! definitely be on your toes for lows during the night.. I hope you can be close by during practice too! different types of exercise do make a difference – but best to be prepared for worst case! congrats to her on State competition – wow!

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