What to do – What to do ??

I found myself in a dilemma yesterday afternoon..

I was in the middle of preparing an early dinner so we could run out the door to basketball practice..

I hear Eden yelling – “MUM, my site came out!” 

Oh – yay… this always seems to happen when we are running late or rushing out the door…

Eden’s site WAS due to be changed today (we have been changing it every 2 days of late) but due to the fact that her blood sugar numbers have been running much lower – BIG FAT YAY!!!! – she has been using LESS insulin so she still had 29 units left in her pump – almost a days worth…

Usually I would begrudgingly toss out the insulin left since it typically only lasts 3 days – fill a brand new reservoir with fresh insulin and think nothing of it.. I have ALWAYS thought about what a WASTE it is – not only the precious insulin, but the plastic reservoir that gets tossed out every 2-3 days after one use… Not only are we filling landfills with this plastic, but we are spending a LOT of $$ in the process for something we use for such a short amount of time..

Today I thought back to a string of messages I read online about adults RE-USING the reservoirs from their pump multiple, multiple times and just changing out the site and tubing… Hmmm…. Is this truly a safe option? I am and have ALWAYS been pretty tight with our money – but would obviously NEVER put my daughters health and safety second to the cost of a medical piece of plastic that assists in keeping her alive.

But I have to admit it HAS peaked my interest as the penny pincher in me wonders if we can help save a bit of $$ in the process… Having T1D is a very expensive thing and will be FOREVER..

Hmm….. this time – fear of the unknown and safety won over..

I wonder which way I will go in a few days ??


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