Today completely disappeared….

WOW – I have SO MUCH respect for all the D moms and dads who work and have to hold down the fort at home – especially with little or no sleep..

Today has been CRAZY busy.. I have not worked outside of the home for a year or so – prior to that I worked part-time and prior to that when Eden was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes I was working full time.. I now have enough to keep me busy shuttling kids around, keeping the house in order and besides that I like to be close by in case I am needed for Eden’s care.

Well, my old boss called me in to work this week – just to help out as they are completely buried..

Sure – I’m more than happy to help anyone out if they need it. I’m always the first one to put my hand up –  whether to pick up kids from school, take kids to basketball games, carpool for school track meets, volunteering with basketball tryouts, whatever is needed….

Absolutely SIGN ME UP.. I TRULY want to be able to help out whenever I can..

BUT – this week has been particularly CRAZY – I have been out EVERY NIGHT THIS WEEK and now throw in working 2 days as well – mind you I have to DRIVE an HOUR away – and I am completely drained and running on empty this afternoon…

I dragged myself out of bed at 6.20am

I drove 1 hour straight to work after dropping Ally at school

I went straight from work to pick up Eden from school and then Ally at her school after track practice

I went straight from there to run errands with the girls and got home with 1 hour spare to feed everyone, write my BLOG and head straight back out the door… dropping Ally back off at school to watch the Talent Show and taking Eden to 2 hours of basketball tryouts..

Oh – and my nice relaxing evening at home tomorrow night is going to be hijacked by TEN 12-13 year old girls… YUP – we are the lucky ones that got nominated to host the end of season basketball SLEEPOVER party…

I can just hear the squeeling and giggling keeping me up all night now… AND I WOULDN’T CHANGE IT FOR THE WORLD…

But – for those of you who see me this weekend – be kind and expect to see GIANT dark circles!!


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