Always Learning.. Truly Grateful…

I have made it my mission to help educate others about what it is to live a life with a Type 1 Diabetic child.

It doesn’t mean I expect others to be completely and fully knowledgable about T1D – I just want people to be empathetic and know that Type 1 Diabetes is a HARD disease to battle day in and day out, especially knowing that at present there IS NO CURE…

I think it is INCREDIBLY important that parents know the symptoms – too many lives are lost and children are often very, very ill before the diagnosis is made.

Is it possible for everyone to know the symptoms to every single ailment that COULD strike – of course not.. 

But THIS disease struck our family – with NO warning – so I of course think it is important to spread the word – if it saves ONE child it will be worth it.


As I educate others I am also educating MYSELF.. Constantly learning about the various ways other parents survive getting through the day and manage this incurable disease in their children.

I read and read probably too much – but I want to learn as much as I can so that my daughter can lead the best, fullest life possible.

I have learned SO MUCH from other T1D parents from their experiences and have SO much love and respect for so many people whom I have never met, that I know will be there at any time of the day with words of support, experience, wisdom and love.. If I have a question – I ask it and usually within minutes it will be answered by a D parent who has been through a similar experience… These resources are INVALUABLE as I continue to learn and experience different things with this ever changing disease..

I believe there is a tight bond that can never be broken between D-parents even if we have never met. We get each other – we completely understand – we rant, we rave, we ask for help, we offer suggestions for management and sometimes just agree that Type 1 Diabetes totally SUCKS some days and we HATE that our kids need to endure what they do. But as a group we make each other stronger..


For those D parents who might be suffering out there alone – please reach out – I used to be that person..

Today – my post is dedicated to all of the D-moms, dads and T1D kids who have touched my life without even knowing it… Thank you so much to each and everyone of you – I am truly grateful.


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