Up and Down … the Type 1 Diabetes Ride…

If you have been reading my Blog daily, you will know that it has been a CRAZY busy week in our household..

Last night capped off the week with Eden’s sister Ally’s basketball team coming over for an end of season sleepover party… We were expecting to have our gaggle of 12/13 year old giggling girls keeping us up all night being totally crazy..

What we did NOT expect was Eden’s blood sugar numbers to take us on a roller coaster ride..

roller coaster

Her blood sugar numbers have been PERFECT all week – sitting at the lower end of normal which we completely expected due to all of the extra nighttime exercise..

After school yesterday Eden’s blood sugar numbers decided to spike into the 400’s and not budge for hours.. Her insulin was brand new that morning and she had a perfect blood sugar reading at lunch time.

This is how it went..

    • 3.30pm – 421
    • wash hands and re-test – 430
    • change pump site – correct with insulin
    • NO snack as usual
    • check for ketones – trace – nothing to worry about yet – feels fine albeit VERY grumpy
    • Eden heads outside to run around with her friends

4.20pm – 456 … hmm.. not coming down
doesn’t make much sense
another insulin correction
still no snack

    • 4.59pm – 443 – What the HECK?!?!  blood sugar STILL not budging.
    • re-check for ketones – still trace and Eden feels fine
    • Dad gets home with PIZZA – we are having a PARTY tonight after all….
    • Eden does NOT get to eat yet
    • another correction of insulin – if her numbers were already headed UP – it could take hours to come down
    • basketball hoop out and LOTS of running around

6.41pm – 476 – OMG – WOW…
It is obvious now that SOMETHING is off…
Is it the brand new pump site that is BAD or the new insulin from this morning??
Open new bottle of insulin – Eden gets a SHOT in the arm with new bottle of insulin
She is already feeling completely left out of the fun and is NOT HAPPY…
Begging not to have her site changed again

    • 7.20pm – 414 – OK now we are at least headed in the right direction
    • Eden gets to finally EAT – pizza is NOT the best choice, but it is what we have and what was planned for the party..
    • She is already very upset and we cannot deny her the pizza. If she had ketones it would be a different story.
    • Site change and new insulin

Pizza is VERY HARD to dose for – usually we give a bolus upfront and dose the remainder over a period of 1-2 hours. Tonight dad dosed her over 30 minutes only. Why? So she wouldn’t miss out on the other goodies everyone else was having..

    • 9.50pm – 57… oh great – now we are on the opposite end of the blood sugar spectrum..
    • LOW with insulin still active (she had candy treats too after her pizza – it was a PARTY remember)
    • Eden now got to eat another piece of candy to raise her blood sugar – we expect that the pizza will continue to raise her

10.28pm – 69 … headed in the right direction but still TOO low for sleeping
a couple more sugar hits

    • 11.09pm – 109 – ok starting to look good

1.02am – 161 – YAY – totally happy with that number!
we can SLEEP now – well after we tell the teenagers to turn off the TV

    • 7.27am – 248 – a bit high but better than it has been!
    • correct with insulin
    • take thyroid pill
    • Eden has to wait 30 minutes before eating

8.46am – 183 – headed down YAY !!!
Eat breakfast – again NOT the best choices available – it was a PARTY
Eden managed her own insulin dosages

    • 10.26am – 44 – YIKES – guess she over dosed herself on insulin
    • Eden tested BECAUSE she felt low… we would not normally have tested now
    • Eden needs a juice to raise her blood sugar

WOW – So is this how you are going to be today D – REALLY??? 

Hmm… wonder what you are going to do next??? Spike to the 400’s again?

Pizza parties are REAL LIFE.. How unfair would it be if she had to miss out on a party in her OWN HOUSE ?? Eden deals with enough garbage from this disease.

BUT we can NEVER EVER get complacent or think we have D handled – because we really don’t.. Did this rollercoaster ride have a lot to do with pizza and candy? maybe – but she was high HOURS before they even entered the picture..

We have had such an amazing week… but as usual Type 1 Diabetes has to keep us on our toes – we will just deal with what gets thrown at us and move on.


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