Approaching 4 years with T1D …

It has been almost 4 years since Eden was diagnosed with an incurable disease – Type 1 Diabetes..

In that time she has endured the following:

    • approximately 2000 injections – shots of insulin in her arms, stomach and butt
    • approximately 15,000 finger pricks to test her blood sugar and ketones – drawing blood with a needle
    • approximately 500 insulin pump site changes – using a large needle to insert a catheter under the skin to infuse insulin
    • approximately 1000 days living with a medical device attached to her 24 hours a day
    • approximately 16 laboratory blood draws – multiple vials of blood with each draw
    • approximately 40 office visits to her Endocrinologist and Diabetes Clinic team
    • approximately 200 thyroid pills – to treat her hypothyroidism
    • 4 days in hospital
    • countless times being stared at while testing her blood sugar
    • countless times feeling left out because people think she cannot do or eat certain things
    • countless times needing her mother to tag along to birthday parties, school field trips and play dates so she remains safe
    • countless times not being able to eat what others are eating because her blood sugars are too high
    • countless times being awoken in the middle of the night to be fed sugar so she doesn’t die in her sleep
    • hours fought with insurance companies regarding coverage and medical needs
    • $$$ thousands and thousands of dollars spent every year on hospital stay, dr.  visits, supplies and insulin to keep her ALIVE

THIS IS OUR REALITY – living with Type 1 Diabetes….

THIS IS Eden’s FUTURE – FOREVER unless there is a CURE.. 


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