You know you are a D-mom when…

Spring is Springing – the weather has been beautiful and yesterday I decided I was long overdue in spending some of my Christmas gift money.. I am finally super excited about our FAST approaching trip to Hawaii.. Even the checkout person at the store said my basket looked like Summer and I must be headed to the beach 🙂


I wanted to get myself a new bag / purse / whatever you want to call it… I looked and looked because I can’t just have a little dinky thing – I need to carry a whole bunch of stuff just in case…

I didn’t actually realize HOW much I had been carrying around until I dumped the contents of my now old bag out on the table this morning…

Hmm… no wonder my shoulder hurts carrying this thing around –  all of the following are D related.

    • ONE glucometer & lancing device – Eden uses to this test her blood sugar.. I now carry an extra one just in case because she has forgotten hers on multiple occasions..
    • TWO containers of blood glucose test strips – yeah she always runs out at the worst possible times
    • TWO tubes of hand sanitizer and SIX sachets of hand cleansing wipes – in case there is nowhere to wash hands
    • SIX packets of fast acting glucose – fruit pieces – in case of a LOW blood sugar episode
    • ONE quick stick – a different form of fast acting glucose
    • ONE juice box – yet another source of fast acting glucose
    • FIVE snack bars of different varieties – to assist in raising a LOW blood sugar – or for a child who is ALWAYS hungry

These are things I carry personally in CONJUNCTION to all of the items Eden carries with her everywhere she goes..

Eden's Medical Kit

Eden’s Medical Kit

I detailed that list HERE in another post ..

Glad I got a BIG new bag – it totally matches the size of the bags I carry under my eyes every day..


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