Family Dinner….…

I remember years ago when our children were young and we used to sit around the table together and have a family dinner EVERY single night.. I could not understand how families could not or would not want to spend this important time together every day. We used to laugh, tell each other about our days, we tried a best-worst theme one year to encourage everyone to open up and speak freely about their day.. We ate dinner around a table together every single night of the week.

WOW – those days are SO FAR GONE… The best we can usually do nowadays is 1-2 nights a week together around the dinner table. It has been like this for a couple of years now as the girls get busier with their sporting schedules and D-dad plays tennis a couple nights a week. It makes meal planning nearly impossible – especially since I HATE to cook.. everyone still needs to EAT, even if it is not together..

Yesterday was D-dad’s birthday… you would think an evening to spend together… But – Eden had an important basketball practice session to go to – she is now going to finally play on a girls AND a boys team until the end of May. Yup – we are about to get even busier …

Last night was the first practice session with the girls team that she could go to (she still had to miss the boys practice). She got to choose her jersey # ( # 15 for Demarcus Cousins – go figure) and needed to try on new uniforms for sizing.. D-dad stopped by for a little while and then headed home to a meal cooked by Ally… YES – my awesome 13 year old daughter was preparing birthday dinner for herself and her dad.. I had met D-dad for a big yummy lunch earlier in the day and Eden ate leftovers from the night before as we ran out the door..

Ally was beaming with pride and excitement as she started preparing the meal and planned what she was going to make. D-dad had requested breakfast for dinner since he had dinner for lunch  🙂

Best part of the day – coming home at 8pm and seeing my birthday boy and my all grown up daughter sitting down enjoying a meal together, albeit a very late one.. Capped off with the birthday cake she made and a house filled with smiles …

How lucky am I ?? Family dinner might not happen very often anymore, but when it does it makes it even more special..

NON – D related post today … We DO live a normal life too … back to regularly scheduled programming tomorrow


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