Big Deal – or no Big Deal ??

As I head out the door to work I am frustrated ..  Possibly over nothing … I don’t know – you be the judge.

Of course it’s a touchy subject for me – I don’t like my kid to be made to feel “different” or like she is missing out on something because of her disease.

Eden’s school is having a 5th Grade luncheon today.

How do I know this?? I received a text message last week from the grandparent who is organizing it to see if I would be able to volunteer… Usually I would be all over it and be there… On this occasion I had already scheduled to go in to work – so I cannot be there..

Has there been a notice sent home to parents about this luncheon?? NOPE – well at least not that I have seen

Have the kids been told about it in the classroom? Apparently – because I questioned Eden about it as I knew it was happening.

Do I know EXACTLY what foods have been planned ?? NOPE- well kind of..  Eden said “burritos and nachos” – but that doesn’t really work for us… I NEED TO KNOW THE CARBOHYDRATES..

Does this matter ?? YUP – how is Eden going to give herself the insulin she needs without knowing the Carbs? Could she possibly guess for herself? Maybe, but NOT when I am at work an hour drive away..

Not only does Eden specifically need to know Carbohydrate counts for everything she eats – do other kids have food allergies or intolerances? Do you just rely on the kids to relay this information (or not) and know what they can and cannot eat? Do parents really need to be notified? In our case this information is important –  but am I just overly sensitive?

When Eden is eating something out of the norm – we NEED to know about it. We NEED to plan for it. Especially on this occasion because I CANNOT BE THERE to see what she is putting on her plate..  

I have not contacted Eden’s teacher or school – I’ve kind of been waiting to see if they will contact me… I don’t really want to be “THAT” mother – and Eden HATES being singled out so I have let it slide this time.

Eden does NOT particularly like burritos but she does like nachos..  Right now she is not upset about missing out and taking her regular packed lunch with carb count included so she can dose her insulin .. It might be a different story when she sees everyone eating something yummy and needs to just sit and watch them with her regular lunch.

Sometimes she will come home from school with a birthday treat that a kid brought to school – other times she just goes without.. Trust me – she LOVES her food so missing out does not make her happy even if she just politely declines whatever is being offered.. Thankfully she is old enough to know better and that she can’t have it then and there.. I’ve always said she can CALL me – but she never does – that would mean she would be singled out and have attention drawn to her.. To Eden it is much easier just to say no, but I know deep down it bothers her.

grow up faster

Is it a big deal??

For those of you who don’t deal with the daily roller coaster life of Type 1 Diabetes – maybe not.

T1D is not fair a lot of the time – and this seems like one of those times to me – so YES – to me it IS a Big Deal …

Eden is less bothered by it than I am.. RIGHT NOW..

Once again, I need to learn a thing or two from my amazing 11 year old daughter – teaching me life lessons

and.. to the teachers reading this – It’s just the protective momma bear coming out.. you do an incredible job with Eden day in and day out – thank you!


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