Back to Insulin Shots in 5,4,3,2,1 ……

It’s official – Eden is going back to insulin shots in lieu of using her insulin pump NEXT FRIDAY – that is only 5 days away.. Eeeek..
To say I am nervous is an understatement.. everything we know – or we THINK we know about Type 1 Diabetes and Eden is about to be tested. BIG TIME..

Yes, when Eden was first diagnosed she was immediately put on an insulin regime which we administered via injection (shot).. Things have changed since then – she has grown – she is a LOT more active – she is out of the honeymoon period and we really have no idea how her body will respond to the change..

It feels like we are going to be re-learning Type 1 Diabetes ALL OVER AGAIN… and trust me – it was NOT FUN the first time around..

D-dad is a bit of a pessimist in certain situations and he lives by the saying – “Expect the worst and you will be nicely surprised.”

THAT is how I am choosing to approach this – maybe it won’t be as bad as I am expecting?? 

Who really knows…?? I certainly hope I am worrying over nothing…


What I do know is that I am going to have to give Eden at least 6-8 shots per day – versus – 1 insulin site change every 2-3 days.. that in itself is not very appealing. Of course we do it because we have no choice – but I would certainly rather NOT.

Eden will need 2 types of insulin when on injections versus the pump. Her body is currently used to getting 1 type of insulin (Humalog – short acting insulin) – the insulin pump is as close as we will ever get to mimicking what the human body does with continual dosages of insulin 24 hrs a day.. We will NOT be doing that anymore. PLUS we are used to being able to CHANGE settings on her pump at any given moment to lower the basal insulin she gets dependent on her blood sugar and her level of exercise.

Using 2 types of insulin means she will get 2 shots a day of a long acting basal insulin instead of the steady stream. Once we inject it – WE CANNOT CHANGE IT… It is in her body and we need to deal with it without the ability of making the adjustments we are so used to doing.. This could result in night time LOW blood sugar episodesThat SCARES ME… 

We don’t carry insulin around with us anymore unless we are away from home for an extended period. In case of a pump malfunction we could always use a syringe to draw the insulin out of her pump… Now I need to carry around insulin – keep it cool – and a lot of syringes… The insulin pump is a lot more discreet.. I wonder if Eden remembers and is ready for stares and uneasy looks as I draw the insulin out of the bottle with a syringe and inject it into her.. ?? Not everyone is comfortable with this picture – But I will do it whenever and wherever it is needed – it keeps her alive..

In reality this change all boils down to the fact that I am not confident… I don’t deal very well with change unless I can PLAN for it… At least this time I know it is coming, but it still makes me uncomfortable… Fingers crossed for a smooth transition


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